The Steady State Economy Conference

Conference Format

The conference will include keynote presentations on the need for a steady state economy in developed countries such as the UK, and how the UK might move towards this goal.  Ten interactive workshops will explore specific policy proposals for achieving a steady state economy.  Each workshop will begin with a 20-minute presentation of a policy proposal from an invited speaker, followed by a facilitated discussion amongst workshop participants, who will be asked to reflect on these questions:

  • Will the proposal work, and if not, how should it be modified?
  • What questions still need to be answered?
  • What obstacles exist to implementing the proposal?
  • What actions can be taken to make the proposal happen?

Each workshop will be asked to produce a summary of its policy proposal (which may differ from the speaker’s version), and a short list of questions, obstacles, and actions identified in the discussion.  Conference attendees will be able to participate in two of the ten workshops, and hear the reports from all workshops in the final panel discussion.